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About Us

Maria “Mayu” Malkun

From dream to Reality

I am Maria Malkun, the creative force behind Mayu’s Cakes. I inherited my love for baking from my mother who taught me the basics and finer points of baking in our family kitchen in Colombia. From these humble beginnings, my passion for baking led me to attending classes from some of the world’s top cake decorators such as, Colette Peters , Marina Sousa , James Rosselle. and Kaysie Lackey . After graduating with a degree in International Business and working in Corporate for several years, I knew that now was the time to put my passions and inspiration to work by creating my own custom designed cake business. Partnering with my husband, Luis Malkun we opened Mayu’s Cakes together and began offering some of the most delicious, moist and fresh cakes you’ll ever taste.

Three easy steps to build the cake of your dreams

Every cake tells a story

I believe that each custom cake is as unique as the person who asks me to make it. I also understand that a client has come to me to help them celebrate a very important event in their lives. Finding the perfect cake to act as the centerpiece for this event is often a challenge. Therefore, we at Mayu’s Cakes decided from day one that we would place Personalized Service at the center of our Business Model. The right cake is not just made, it is developed. From cake flavor and filler pairing to design, decoration and presentation, we are dedicated to walking you through each and every step of the custom cake process. We can offer all sorts of design guidance, but we are also equally happy to sit back and listen to your ideas and concepts. Many of our most amazing customer cake creations started with a something as simple as client’s sketch or precious memory.

Professional Service

But we also understand that clients need more than just a custom designed cake, they need a reliable partner. That is why Mayu’s Cakes is committed to working with individual clients as well as with vendors, event planners, caterers and other commercial partners. Either way, we are committed to one thing, providing top quality custom designed cakes that taste great. Of course Mayu’s Cakes is fully insured and uses nothing but the freshest ingredients. So whether you are in South Florida, Bogota, Colombia or Malaga, Spain, let Mayu's Cakes indulge your senses with the cake of your dreams and make your next celebration a sensation!

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Movie Cake

"Incredibly tasty and the freshness of the cake was something out of this world!”

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

 As per our customers request we have begun a new journey into the VEGAN GLUTEN FREE Cakes. This past weekend we create a 5 tier wedding cake serving 250 guest totally VEGAN GLUTEN FREE. Very Classy-Elegant design, featuring delicate fondant running down each of the five tiers. Read More...