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Airplane Cake

Mayu's Cakes - Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This week we had a lot of fun cakes to make. Not only because I really enjoy decorating cakes but one of the cakes had an awesome theme.

It was a "groom's cake" in the shape of an airport runway with an airplane on top for one of the "Six Cents Events'" Wedding this weekend.

The story behind this cake was how this wonderful couple met when they were working at Pan Am Airlines. It was long time ago but now that they decided to get married, she wanted to surprise him with this idea of a Groom's Cake. So basically it was a runway, which was the actual cake and we used some lights on the base to simulate the real ones that runways have, and the "Pan Am airplane" on top of the cake with the little heads of the bride and groom sticking out of the cabin window.

The airplane was covered in "fondant" and we use "sugar sheets" made by "Wilton" which I think were great for this project because they are very thin to simulate the airplane's paint. Even we used the "white sugar sheets" and airbrushed them with silver and that worked out perfect for the silver finish of the plane.

The wings had lights too and during the process of doing the plane, my biggest concern was the engines because I knew the wings couldn't hold too much weight. So as I was working on things my husband just came out with this wonderful idea of using "marshmallows", the jumbo ones, as the engines adding a thin piece of "gum paste" for turbines. It was hilarious!!! It looked so real and almost no weight on the wings.

It ended up being the "best groom's cake ever"

The newlyweds were incredibly happy and one more time we were rewarded with their reaction!! (Priceless)

Congrats to Michelle and Neville on their wedding!! And thanks to Nicole at Six Cents Events for letting us do this cake.

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